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Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Reviews | 0 comments

Ultimate Deadpool Gear

Ultimate Deadpool Gear

Deadpool has had quite a long and convoluted run in comic book lore. Before taking on that moniker, he was known as Wade Wilson, a mercenary who initially started out in the military. Known as the “merc with a mouth,” Deadpool has extensive military training and a healing factor that rivals Wolverine’s.

This unstable mercenary has always been a fan favorite and a movie about him is expected to drop next year. Aside from his sarcastic punch lines and one-liners, fans also love their Deadpool merchandise.

Here’s some cool Deadpool gear for the ultimate Deadpool fan –

1. Deadpool Vitruvian Red t-shirt

There are t-shirts and there are Deadpool t-shirts. The Deadpool Vitruvian Red t-shirt mixes the best of both, uhm, worlds – classical art and taco loving degenerate. The shirt comes in Wade Wilson’s favorite shade of red, with Deadpool in the center in classic Vitruvian pose, holding a bomb, pancakes, spatula and tacos because, why not?


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2. Deadpool Symbol Black Windbreaker

Be prepared for any type of weather. This stylish, black, button up windbreaker made from 100% polyester has the Merc’s symbol on the front and his name on the back.


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3. Deadpool Costume Sublimated Stretch Fit Tank Dress

Let it not be said that Deadpool’s female fans are not taken care of by the market. This tank dress is pretty enough to wear when you go hunting for victims at the nearest Comic Con and comfortable enough for a day-out with the girls. Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this sexy black and red tank dress comes in small to XXLarge sizes at $25 a pop.


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4. Deadpool Costume Adult Union Suit

I know it’s still a bit early for Halloween, but it’s never a bad idea to start thinking of your costume. May I suggest this Deadpool one? Just think of how much fun you’ll have zipping up in this costume and doing everything that that loudmouth merc loves to do. And at $68, it’s a real steal.


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5. Deadpool 4-piece Pint Glass set

What’s better than a Deadpool pint sized glass? A whole set of Deadpool-themed glasses! Each glass has a different design, making it so hard to choose which one you’d want to use.


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6. Pop! Deadpool Maskless Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are so much fun to collect and have around. And Funko has so far been doing a great job at making these cute collectibles, even one of everyone’s favorite, crazy assassin Deadpool. But this is not your usual Deadpool, this bobblehead is Wade Wilson without the mask. Who knew that scars could be so cute? A best seller, you should grab one if you find one.


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7. Deadpool Pencil Holder

Wade Wilson’s popularity has permeated even the office. This desktop pencil holder will surely give your cubicle the panache it needs. The polyresin holder features Deadpool’s chopped off head with several handy holes in which to place your pencils, pens and whatnots.


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8. Deadpool Wristband Set

Feeling naked? Get these cool Deadpool wristbands and remind the world how cool is Deadpool. With some popular catchphrases such as ‘My common sense is tingling’ and ‘Welcome to Loserville, population: you’, those wristbands are sure to have their effect on the crowd!


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9. Deadpool Giant Wall Art Print Poster

This high quality poster comes in 8 separate sheets of satin paper. When put together they form one large, awesome Deadpool poster that would look great in any living room or bedroom.


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10. Deadpool on Vespa Statue

This cool piece of art is a must-have for any fan. Manufactured by the Gentle Giant, this limited run statue pays homage to the Deadpool #68 cover, with the addition of a humongous, kickass gun. It shows the mouthy mercenary astride a Vespa scooter, one leg planted on the ground while he waves his gun about. The details on this piece are astounding! Every gun, grenade and muscle twitch is realistically rendered. It’s definitely a collector’s edition.



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11. Deadpool Hoodie

I love hoodies. Maybe it’s because I’m a software engineer and we are known to wear this kind of stuff to work. Who knows! I’m totally getting one of these to bring more awesomeness to the office. This Deadpool hoodie will not only give you an amazing look but will also keep you warm.


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12. Deadpool Socks

Deadpool socks. Who would have thought about that! Can you picture Deadpool wearing those? Mind-blowing I know. If you want to keep your love for Deadpool secret, grab a pair of those and add them to your secret collection.


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13. Deadpool T-shirt: “Chillin’ is my Business”

Another Deadpool t-shirt with an awesome catchphrase. IHNTA.


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14. Deadpool Magnet: “My common sense is tingling.”

My fridge is covered with magnets. And yes it looks awesome, thanks for asking! If you like magnet and Deadpool, this is the perfect combination. Getting this magnet is a just common sense.


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15. Deadpool Bust Bank

Who could be better than Deadpool to protect your money? Alright, probably a lot of people. But don’t forget Deadpool’s secret skill: Killing off people by never shutting up his big mouth. That’s a pretty good defence mechanism if you ask me.


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With the Deadpool movie seemingly resurrected, it’s time to show your love for this insane but loveable mercenary.

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