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Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Featured, Reviews | 0 comments

Hot Toys Awesome 1/6th Avengers Figures

Hot Toys Awesome 1/6th Avengers Figures

No one could have predicted the monumental success of the first Avengers movie. Its combination of action, humanity and humor paved the way for more movies for the superhero franchise, as well as countless merchandise.

Hong Kong based Hot Toys Limited has launched a line of action figures depicting the Avengers. The amazing details and likeness to the actors portraying the characters has made these figures one of the most popular collectors’ item around.

Here’s a peek at the Hot Toys Avengers line –

1. Captain America

This homage to the first Avenger is based on the image of Chris Evans. The 1/6th figure is movie-accurate and showcases the company’s newly developed head sculpt. Captain America’s costume and weapons are highly detailed, with every ripple of muscle, fabric wrinkle and skin texture rendered clearly and especially hand-painted.

hot toys captain america

This limited edition collectible is about 31 cm tall and is capable of different poses, thanks to the body’s more than 30 points of articulation. The figure is wearing his red, white and blue costume with embossed patterns from The Avengers movie. It also comes with 1 helmeted head, 1 alternate head in the likeness of Chris Evans and 9 pieces of interchangeable gloved hands. Weapons include 1 metal-like electroplated shield, 1 damaged shield and 1 alien weapon. The figure also comes with a figure stand with the movie logo and Captain America’s nameplate and costs about $500. You can still find one on Amazon.

2. Iron Man

This is one of the hottest products coming out from Hot Toys. The Iron Man Mark VII 1/6th scale Limited Edition Collectible is movie accurate and specially crafted using the image of Robert Downey Jr. Hot Toys also utilized its very detailed head sculpt and included a well equipped suit with light-up functions.ironman hot toys figure

The Iron Man Mark VII is about 30cm tall and weighs about 3.1lbs. Its over 36 points of articulations make it easier to pose. What makes this collectible extra special is the attention the company gave to details like improved articulations on its waist armor and on one pair of palms that has movable fingers. It also has interchangeable masks (1 battle damaged, 1 Tony Stark), 2 removable chest armors, detachable palms and forearm rockets. The armor also has special features like LED-lighted eyes and a circular RT on the chest. It also comes with a figure stand with nameplate and movie logo.

The figurine is a bit pricey at $520 but there are people willing to shell out even more for this intensely detailed Iron Man. You can find one on Amazon.

3. Thor

The Asgardian God of Thunder also has a likeness in Hot Toys. The collectible is based on the image of Chris Hemsworth from the movie, is 32cm tall, has golden hair and a muscular body with over 30 points of articulations. Even minute details like the wrinkles on Thor’s facial expression, beard and skin texture are lifelike in its rendering.thor hot toys figure

It comes complete with costume that includes a red-colored cape, 1 upper body armor with silver-colored circle plates, 1 dark blue pants with red stripes, 1 pair dark blue and silver colored boots and 1 pair of forearm pads. It also comes with 7 pieces of interchangeable palms and 1 metal mjolnir. This Thor figurine also comes with a stand with nameplate and the movie logo, plus a Tesseract in its container. You can get all these for only $280. You can find one on Amazon.

4. The Hulk

The Avengers’ mean, green, fighting machine also has its own scale figurine. At 42cm, this movie-accurate depiction of the Hulk also makes use of Hot Toys’ newly developed head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs. The company’s attention to detail is certainly proven here. Collectors can see every detail of hair, as well as the wrinkles and skin texture on his angered facial expression.

hulk hot toys figure

The Hulk’s muscular, green-skinned body also shows detailed renditions of skin texture and tendons. It also has 30 points of articulation with built-in joints in the neck and arms for better movement. However, unlike the other figurines, this doesn’t come with a stand. You can find one on Amazon.

5. Black Widow

Natasha Romanova still looks good even when she’s shrunk to 28cm. This 1/6th scale Black Widow is in the likeness of Scarlett Johansson, with facial expressions and hair that really reflect the movie character. The company also used its newly created TrueType body to accurately portray the character’s contour.

blackwidow hot toys figure

The figurine is wearing a tight, black colored jumpsuit with belts and holsters and a pair of black boots with buckles. It carries 1 alien weapon and 2 pistols. Its 28 point articulation makes posing the figure easy and fun. The 8 pieces of interchangeable gloved palms also makes it more realistic. This Black Widow can be yours for just $340. You can find one on Amazon.

6. Hawkeye

Despite being under Loki’s spell for half of the movie, Hawkeye’s limited edition collectible has quickly sold out and is heavily in demand. Another one of Hot Toys’ movie accurate figurine, it’s designed in the likeness of Jeremy Renner.hawkeye hot toys figure

The figurine is wearing 1 black and pale red vest, navy blue pants with belts on the waist and thighs and a pair of black boots. While the costume from the movie is precisely replicated, it’s the accessories that make this collectible stand out. It has 6 interchangeable palms with different styles for holding an arrow, a pair of sunglasses, a right armguard and 2 bows – 1 fully opened and 1 with articulations. It also comes with a quiver which has 16 arrows and 11 different styles of arrowheads. There’s also a figure stand with Hawkeye’s nameplate and the movie’s logo. Hawkeye costs about $675 now. If you’re planning on getting one, do so now as the price as this figure keeps going up. You can find one on Amazon.

7. Nick Fury

What would the Avengers be without Nick Fury? The driving force behind the team is brought to life in this limited edition figurine that uses a specially crafted and hand-painted head sculpt with a movie-accurate likeness of Samuel L. Jackson. This figure of the director of S.H.I.E.L.D is about 30cm tall and has a TrueType body with more than 30 points of articulation.fury hot toys figure

It’s wearing a long black coat over a long-sleeved black shirt, a pair of navy blue pants with belts and pistol holder and a pair of black boots. For more realistic posing, it also comes with 8 pieces of interchangeable palms. Accessories include 1 pistol, a rocket gun, 1 headset and a silver suitcase for carrying the Tesseract. The cube lights up when placed inside the suitcase. This Nick Fury, which also comes with a figure stand, will cost you about $480. You can find one on Amazon.

8. Loki

He might not be an Avenger, but Asgard’s God of Mischief certainly made the movie so much fun to watch. This limited edition collectible is very popular among fanboys as well and is designed in the likeness of actor Tom Hiddleston. It’s movie-accurate, right down to the black hair and facial expression, complete with lifelike skin texture and wrinkles. Loki is wearing leather-like pants with patterns, a long-sleeved leather-like black shirt with bronze armor and strap, a black long vest, green-colored cape and a pair of black boots.loki hot toys figure

The figure also comes with interchangeable palms, including a pair for holding a dagger. Weapons like 2 daggers, a long and a short scepter are also included. The toy is accessorized with a helmet, muzzle, a pair of shackles and a figure stand with nameplate and the movie’s logo. Prices vary but are usually around the $640 range. You can find one on Amazon.

All figures can be bought from Hot Toys distributors or from Amazon. Shipping usually takes 4-5 days. Have fun!

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