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Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in Reviews | 0 comments

F#$k the haters! – I Enjoyed Fantastic Four!

F#$k the haters! – I Enjoyed Fantastic Four!

I shouldn’t really call this a review because I’m not gonna tell you anything that happens in the movie. I cannot stand spoilers so in stead I’ll talk about what to expect and what people are expecting.

There is SO much hate among fan boys for Fox. They seem quick to forget that Fox buying the movie rights to X-Men and the Fantastic Four not only saved the company from bankruptcy, but gave us some of our favourite childhood cartoons.

Whatever their reasons, so-called “fans” seem to have been vying for this movie to bomb from day one. There have been racial slurs, rants, perpetual moaning and a slew of reviews slagging the movie off minutes after leaving the cinema.

The most popular line I’ve seen repeated several times today is the comparison of the movie to a 100 minute trailer for the movie it could have been. Claiming that nothing happens at all and there was hardly any action. you know what? I’m glad there wasn’t. Every time a big budget comic book movie tries to do too much, they run out of time to flesh the characters out and build suspense. Hello X-Men 3 anyone? One of the greatest comic book stories of ALL TIME become a secondary plot to some sort of afterschool special about not using drugs to change who you are.

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is a bold attempt to move away from the need to fill every frame with action sequences and CGI. It’s nice to see the powers being a part of what makes them scientists and explorers rather than the other way around. If viewers thought of it as a sci fi movie, rather than a comic book movie, they would have all enjoyed it more instead of thinking of things they didn’t like.

Fantastic Four isn’t the same as the Marvel Studios movies, but that’s ok. It’s colder, more sci fi and a little bit darker. Like a move influenced by the comic books rather than one trying to recreate them (which Marvel can’t get too precious about seeing as they went and cancelled their longest running title ever in an attempt to sabotage movie ticket sales).

At the end of the day we’re all going to watch this movie. There will be bits we like and bits we don’t like. Instead of focusing on how this studio and director aren’t doing everything you want them to do, why not just enjoy the movie? There are plenty of comic book movies out there to get your fix from and it’s nice to see one that offers something a little different. Marvel Studios makes funny action films, Fox makes more serious sci fi comic films. I frickin love having both, don’t you?

That being said, I still don’t see why the thing wasn’t wearing pants? Why was that out of their CGI budget?

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