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Posted by on May 19, 2016 in News, Reviews | 0 comments

X-Men Apocalypse and Why Marvel Fans Will Love It!

X-Men Apocalypse and Why Marvel Fans Will Love It!

Spoiler-free rant about the X-Men universe, and Bryan Singers BEST X-movie yet.

X-Men: First Class was on ITV3 the other night, and my poor mother had to sit through two hours of me repeatedly starting sentences with “see, in the comic book it’s different.”

X-Men First Class

A lot of people loved that movie, it was fresh and different and had lots of quirky 60s references, for me it was like pulling teeth. I understand that characters have to be adapted to have their story fit the big screen, but to change them completely or use some random ass character so that you can have a token black guy that you don’t mind killing off, just seems a waste of the original material that I have known and loved since I was 10 years old.

Therefore I was very apprehensive when I went to see X-Men Apocalypse, updating my Facebook status to “please be good please be good please be good.” With a plethora of reviews saying that the plot was convoluted and all over the place and the story straying too far from the comic books, I had it in my head that this movie would symbolise the steady fizzling out of Singer’s time with Marvel’s Merry Mutants, sliding downhill from his triumphant Days of Future Past.


Admittedly there were a few bits that were mildly disappointing, fans of the comic or cartoon were never going to like the look of Apocalypse on the big screen. Despite the trailer re-touches, he still resembles the bad guy from Power Rangers far more than our beloved En Sabah Nur.

Critics have also stated that with all that’s going on, some of the main characters get lost on the chaos, making their roles a little forgettable, which I kiiiiiiinda agree with. So if you’re favourite character is Professor X, Magneto or Mystique, get ready for that to change.

Jean, Scott and Kurt.

Holy shit I loved these guys.

X-Men Apocalypse Jean grey cyclops nightcrawler

I’ve been waiting for Sansa Stark to burst out of her shell for six years on GoT, and bugger me does she ever do just that in X-Men Apocalypse. For me Sophie Turner is the Jean Grey of my dreams. She just nails the coy and cautious character who has powers that the other X-Men couldn’t comprehend. She’s sweet, strange and insecure in ways that the gorgeous Famke Jansen couldn’t quite get a handle on.

Her burgeoning romance with Cyclops will make you fall in love with one of Marvel’s longest-running couples all over again. And Kodi Smit-Mcphee is so wonderful as Kurt. His humour, his timing, his innocence, his Michael Jackson thriller-jacket, all of them are exactly how you would picture Nightcrawler in the 80s.

One down-side is that Storm and Psylocke aren’t used as much as I would have liked, considering this is the first time we see an actual African Storm, and Olivia Munn’s sword play is the stuff of comic book nerd wet dreams. However I’m quietly confident that their roles in future films, and those of the younger generation of X-Men, will grow to quickly eclipse those of their highly-paid counterparts.


I would have turned around and gone back in to watch it all over again if I wasn’t so emotionally drained. X-Men Apocalypse has replaced X2 as far and away my favourite X-Men movie (and even fighting it out for top spot of favourite superhero movie ever against Cap).

If you’re an X-Men fan, go and enjoy this movie. Don’t focus on the details that are different from the comics, just enjoy some of the best comic book characters of all time perfectly portrayed in larger-than-life techi-colour.

Thank you Bryan Singer for making the X-Men movie that I’ve been waiting for for 10 years, and finally including *that moment in the final fight scene that gave a long-time X-Men fan multiple nergasms.

P.T.T. (Post trailer teaser) Stay to the end of the credits. And then look around to see who the real X-Men fans were that got the reference. I died.

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