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Posted by on May 26, 2015 in News | 1 comment

X-Men Apocalypse “Leaks”

X-Men Apocalypse “Leaks”

We did tell you that you should be following Bryan Singer on Instagram; at this rate we’ll have seen all of X-Men Apocalypse long before it ever reaches theatres in May next year. Although I HATE spoilers and even manage to avoid trailers of comic book movies as they give away the best bits, these behind-the-scenes teasers are like crack to me! I am seriously addicted and Mr Singer is not making it easy to try and kick the habit.

Caliban confirmed in X-Men Apocalypse

With Singer’s latest post confirming the appearance of Caliban as one of Apocalypse’s horseman, the hype behind this movie just keeps getting bigger and bigger. AL from just a few Insta-posts


Other X-Men Apocalypse Teasers

Back on set with

The reunion of Singer with Mystique and Beast which was hopefully not too awkward considering they once dated in real life and Lawrence and Hoult are since said to be on good terms.

Snowbird Tease

Teasing the appearance of Snowbird, which is such a random character but I LOVE it. Maybe she’ll get killed again

The Past Catches Up

He posted this image with the caption, “The past catches up.” Sooooo I’m thinking Nazis?

Xavier Reborn

And of course there’s Xavier reborn, showing James McAvoy finally going all Patrick Stewart for his return as Xavier.

X-Men Days of Future Past – Rogue Cut

Rogue Cut

The infamous Rogue cut of Days of Future Past is due out on DVD and Blue-ray soon and we’ll see what Singer originally had planned for Paquin that was apparently so immaterial she was cut completely from the original edit. I’m curious, but she was such a rubbish Rogue I wasn’t that fussed.

What do you think Singer will snapshot next? Are you hoping for a look at Apocalypse, Angel or Psylocke in costume? ALL OF IT I SAY! I NEED MORE!!!

1 Comment

  1. I am definitely getting burned out with all the set photos and reveals from movies way too far away, but these aren’t too bad. Just enough to keep me exited without ruining it for me. Certainly not as bad as Suicide Squad releasing promotional material 16 months before the release! That’s a movie I feel like we will see the entirety of before it comes out.

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