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Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in News | 0 comments

X-Men Apocalypse has found its Psylocke!

X-Men Apocalypse has found its Psylocke!

The sexiest X-Man has been cast and will be played by none other than the sexiest woman in Hollywood, Olivia Munn!

Bryan Singer, the world’s leakiest director, announced the arrival of Munn into the X-Men family via Twitter so it’s safe to say it’s a little more than a rumor.

I have some doubts/concerns about the casting if I’m honest. Not only is Psylocke a highly trained ninja assassin, she’s also English! And while I frickin love Olivia Munn who I think will bring the character to life in a new and exciting way, I’m worried about her ability to kick some martial arts ass whilst speaking with an English accent.

What do you think? Will they just gloss over the fact that she’s supposed to be a Brit in order to avoid any accent slip ups? And how badass do you think Munn will be able to get with some serious X-Men training between now and the 2016 release date?

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