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Posted by on May 8, 2015 in News | 0 comments

The Debut of the (New) Avengers Movie!

The Debut of the (New) Avengers Movie!

Damnit, I wrote this post earlier in the week and now have to completely change it.

Now that the dust has settled on the weekend frenzy of comic book geeks scrambling to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, I’m left feeling hollow and empty inside. Yes I’m looking forward to Ant-Man and even the Fantastic Four reboot, but I’m plagued with worry and doubt.


So waiting until Avengers: Infinity Wars in 2018 is ridiculous, I can’t do that. So now my focus is all on Cap 3 and his Civil War, which is now basically a new Avengers movie which is due out NEXT YEAR!


While Captain America’s name may be in the title, the film is a long way from the solo storyline he got in the First Avenger.

The simple fact that Downey Jr will appear again as Iron Man is a clear indication that Cap 3 is clearly just a New Avengers movie, but with some of the stars probably commanding a lower salary than returning actors such as Ruffalo, Hemsworth, Smolders and Jackson might.

But who will appear in what could really be titled “New Avengers?” As of today the official announcement is…

Pretty much everyone!

Captain America

captain america

Well duh. It’s his name on the title so obviously Captain America will return one year from today, leading and training his new team of Avengers alongside …

Black Widow


Scarlet Johansson is signed on to reprise her role as Black Widow, hopefully taking on more of a leading role within the group. Thanks to ScarJo’s impressive assets, it’s often an overlooked fact that Black Widow actually led the Avengers for a while.

I really hope we see her as a badass teacher/fighting instructor, perhaps with a montage and generally having a kick-ass time with Steve. Until the shit hits the fan and they lock horns with …

Iron Man


Marvel’s most well-paid actor (who has earned his mega bucks in all fairness) won’t be staying out of the spotlight just because his name isn’t on the title, even though his picture is. I actually wonder who’s getting paid more for this movie, Evans or Jr. If anyone knows PLEASE tell me!

Black Panther

black panther

Oh yeah! The Panther arrives in Cap 3, I assume in an introductory role and following on from Klaw’s short but brilliant performance in Age of Ultron. It’s brilliantly Marvel to give audiences a chance to meet T’Challa before delving into his own solo movie the following year.



Anthony Mackie was such a big part of Cap 2 being a hit, and I wish they’d used him more in Age of Ultron. But either way I’m glad he’s back and will be training with other new Avengers such as …

Scarlet Witch


Did you guys notice I’m a bit of a Wanda fan? I’m so glad Scarlet Witch will be in Cap 3 although I can imagine that with everything going on her part won’t be as central as it was in Age of Ultron. BUT I’ll take what I can get.



Ant-Man is a ridiculous character, but one that has been a part of the Avengers from day one! I am so excited to see Paul Rudd in this movie, I think he and Michael Douglas will do a frickin brilliant job. God knows how he’ll manage with all the other characters in this movie clawing for screen time, but even the smallest bit of Paul Rudd can make all the difference.



Jeremy Renner will be reprising his role as Hawkeye, although he probably will be taking up the bow and arrow reluctantly having just welcomed another member of his secret family. It’s likely that Clint gets caught up in the argument between Cap and Iron Man and pulled back onto the battlefield despite his wishes to have a normal life.

Vision & War-Machine

Recently added to the cast list is the Vision and War-Machine. Both characters were excellent in their small yet important roles in Age of Ultron and I’m really glad they’ll be in Cap 3.

donwar    vision

The War Machine/Iron Man dynamic makes a lot of sense in Civil War and the potential romance between Vision and Scarlet Witch is something I was hoping to see more of.

But with so much going on I wonder just how much actual screen time these character will get.

When you add in all the villains and the focus on Cap and Iron Man, it’s gonna be quite chaotic unless it’s 3 hours long ‘Lord of the Rings’-style … shit that would be AWESOME!!!

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