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Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Marvel Annouce (Another) New Spider-Man Series

Marvel Annouce (Another) New Spider-Man Series

New Series Within Continuity Starring Teenaged Peter Parker!

Marvel announces Spidey #1 – a brand new ongoing Spider-Man series that will take place in the All-New, All-Different marvel universe. The series written by Robbie Thompson of TV’s Supernatural will focus on Spider-man’s formative years in which he juggles super-heroing and high school.

Marvel Editor-in-chief Axel Alonso want Spidey to be a way for newcomers to fall in love with the web-slinger like we all did many years ago.

“Everyone remembers their FIRST Spider-Man comic,” he says, “SPIDEY aims to be perfect as someone’s first Spider-Man comic, or their one thousandth. We’re not looking to re-tell stories here. What Robbie [Thompson] and Nick [Bradshaw] have put together is an exciting new take on Spider-Man at his arguably most iconic incarnation, and will feel fresh to new and old fans alike.”

Spider-man editor Nick Lowe reminds us that out of the 700+ issues of Amazing Spider-Man, on the first 30 had him in high school. Since the new Spider-Man movies are set to star a younger Spider-Man, it’s pretty obvious this is a way to make sure that the money that marvel spent on the Sony deal doesn’t go to waste.

Such a big deal was made about resetting all the incongruity that exists within Marvel due to alternate universes and duplicate characters, yet here we are with 2 Spider-Men and an on-going flashback as it were.

Yes we all lvoe Spidey, but how many titles does this one guy need? Lots apparently.


Spidey_1_Preview_2 Spidey_1_Preview_1

Art & Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
On Sale This Fall!

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