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Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have our Baron Zemo!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have our Baron Zemo!

The long-suspected rumours have finally been confirmed as being true; German actor Daniel Brühl WILL be playing Baron Zemo in the Captain America: Civil War movie! Since his involvement in the next Cap movie was announced in November last year, fans speculated on what character he will be playing ranging from baron Mordo to a revival of the Red Skull. But Baron Zemo was always a firm fan favourite.

baron zemo daniel Bruhl

The news was confirmed in the simplest of ways, with a very brief mention in a profile of the Actor in the Independent website:

Brühl has just been cast in the new Captain America, as the villain, Baron Helmut Zemo – “I think I can tell you that without being thrown into Marvel prison…” – and starts shooting at the end of April. “For the first few days I’ll walk around like a little boy, just amazed by the megalomania of it. It’s such a huge project. We could do 20 films with the budget.”

Brühl has already starred in films with fellow Marvel actors. He played opposite Chris Hemsworth in Rush and the soon-to-be Dr Strange himself Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘The Fifth Estate.’

daniel bruhl chris hemsworth daniel bruhl benedict bumberbatch

In my humble opinion, Brühl is an incredibly talented and genuine actor who will bring a lot of depth and authenticity to the role of Baron Zemo, something that can often be overlooked in favour of bigger special effects and well-recognised names.

It will be interesting to see how Marvel utilises Brühl’s strength as an actor, making him either the ultimate villain that we love to hate, or more of the anti-hero we saw in the newer version of Zemo that lead The Thunderbolts.

Captain America: Civil War is expected to start shooting soon for a release on May 6, 2016.

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