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Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Articles, News | 0 comments

5 Marvel Characters I’d Like to See Follow Iceman Out the Closet!

5 Marvel Characters I’d Like to See Follow Iceman Out the Closet!

Since originally writing this post I’ve read a lot of different opinions on Iceman’s recent outing, many claiming that they “knew all along” (a phrase so many gay people love to hear when they come out) and many others believing it ruins the long-loved character that has been an X-Man since day 1. I’m still on the fence and despite the attempts of many a Bendis fan (I’m one of them too) it still feels like a very ‘plonked’ storyline.

It’s great that they’re trying to make being gay more of an everyday occurrence, happeningĀ in the comic books as often as it happen in real life, but the whole plot twist feels a little force fed to me. No big build up, no anguish, no big reveal, Iceman’s just gay btw. He hasn’t been for the past 50 years buuuuuut now he is. JUST in time to have his series cancelled and his character wiped from existence during Secret Wars. That was short-lived.

The Marvel Universe’s lack of shock at Iceman randomly becoming gay might be due to the fact that another gay x-character was long overdue, or that no one really cared that much about iceman in the first place. Hey, maybe it’s combination of the two. So here are my choices of 5 characters I’d like to see follow Iceman out the closet:

5 – Angel

gay angel

Because this guy is just way too pretty to be straight. He’s got the blond hair and blue eyes that make the girls and gays swoon; add that to 0% body fat and a MASSIVE bank balance, Angel would be the world’s most perfect mutant gay.

4 – Cable


There’s definitely a demand for handsome older gentlemen in the gay community, and Cable’s gruff but loveable attitude would make him a serious gay dream come true. Plus he already knows how to handle a weapon (wink).

3 – Quicksilver


Not just because Aaron Taylor Johnson looks like he was born to wear that skintight blue suit that makes his eyes pop. I’ve always wondered what it was Pietro was so angry about and what he was running away from … maybe now we could have our answer. An ex-wife who was always hot for other guys (get it, cuz Crystal went out with the Human Torch), a co-dependant relationship with his sister and a seriously disapproving father. Run free from the closet Pietro!

2 – Blackbolt


The king of the Inhumans is always silent, perhaps he’s been keeping a secret all these years. While his silence means he can’t gossip or bitch about the other Inhumans behind their back, he did choose a wife who had the world’s MOST fabulous hairdo.

1 – Wolverine



Just cuz it would drive all those die hard Wolverine fans NUTS!

Which Marvel character do you think should just get over it and admit they’re gay? Let us know in the comments below.

Next week: Lesbians of DC!

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