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Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Featured, General | 0 comments

Welcome to the Superhero Cave!

Welcome to the Superhero Cave!

Whether you think of them as a simplified part of pop culture or see them as an iconic part of modern-day classic fiction, superheroes are everywhere. They’ve created a world for themselves that has moved from our newsstands to our movie screens and onto every type screen we look at.

Originally created as newspaper fillers that evolved to help advertise X-Ray specs and whoopee cushions, the superhero has been around longer than most of our parents have been alive. The concept of Superman solidified the trend, an idea worked out by two skinny little jewish kids living in Cleveland back in 1933. Soon after his debut superheroes of every shape, size and animal influence were popping up all over the newsstands (Batman, Spiderman, Antman, Hawkman, Green Hornet, etc. Squirrel-man and Squirrel-girl didn’t appear until many years later).

Superheroes spent the next 40 years saving their girlfriends from falling out of windows and stopping Nazis from winning the war (cheers for that by the way guys), until in the 1970s it was clear that the world of superheroes wasn’t going anywhere. The characters and plots started needing more depth, continuity and substance if they were hoping to continue for another 40 years. The introduction of titles like the X-Men, Dr Strange and Jack Kirby’s New Gods saw superheroes join forces with the realms of science fiction and begin to morph into a world where anything could (and would) happen. Sorry I’m going all geek existential here.

The popularity of superheroes remained fairly contained within the pages of comic books for a fair few decades before spilling out into Saturday morning cartoons shows and eventually onto the big screen. Batman and Superman had incredibly successful movie franchises in motion and when X-Men was released at the turn of the century, the geeks that had grown up reading their adventures in print were old enough to blow their pay cheques on movies, toys, books, DVDs and all forms of merchandise that we just HAD to have. I even bought the X-Men Movie soundtrack. There are no songs on there AT ALL, it’s just a load of instrumental mood-setting. It was like listening to a Mighty Marvel version of Peter & the Wolf.

Then came Spiderman, then the Fantastic Four, more X-Men and finally … The Avengers! And after the monumental success of the Avengers I think it’s safe to say that superheroes aren’t just for kids anymore… or maybe we’re just more willing to accept 30 year-olds acting like kids than we used to.

With no need to outgrow comic books and cartoons, and geek chic becoming the newest version of hipster-cool, superheroes are a valid lifestyle choice these days and knowledge of their world becoming more complicated and convoluted with each day that passes. Do you really understand the latest Secret Wars storyline? How many powers does Superman have now? And which version of Batman is actually wearing the cape and cowl at the moment?

These questions and many many more will we hope to answer in THE SUPERHERO CAVE!

We will also hope to start some controversial conversations and possible disagreements. There’s already so much debate over what happens within this superhero world: Marvel vs DC, Batman vs Superman, Singer vs Snyder; heck we can’t even decide on how to spell superhero/super-hero/super hero. I’ll bet half of you reading this were pretty pissed that I mainly listed Marvel movies while the other half smugly agreed with me whilst thinking “Good, good.”

If you want to read about superheroes, get information about superheroes or buy any sort of superhero stuff for your own man cave, then welcome. You’re home.

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