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Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Articles, Gallery | 0 comments

Movie Leaks GALORE!!!

Movie Leaks GALORE!!!

Is is me or are we seeing a lot more leaked photos of comic book movies these days than we ever did before? I know there are more comic book movies in the works at the moment than any geek could have ever dreamed of, but in the last month we’ve easily seen WAY more behind the scenes/filming shots than have ever managed to make their way onto the internet in the past.

With both Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” and DC’s “Suicide Squad” filming at the same time there seem to be candid pictures showing up online almost every other day.

Either the paparazzi have gotten really good at their job all of a sudden or studio security has suddenly become really lax.

Captain America: Civil War

While the ever-expanding cast of Captain America 3 have been filming what we all assume to be scenes set in Wakanda, there have been innumerable photos of the cast appear online. Everything from cast-confirming shots of Paul Rudd (aka Ant-Man) to Instagram pics inadvertently revealing the Cap 3 logo (well done again Renner).

Paul Anthony SW3 SW2 SW1 Film Set: 'Captain America: Civil War' Film Set: 'Captain America: Civil War' Elizabeth Olsen is back in character as the Scarlet Witch for 'Captain America'

Suicide Squad

Warner Bros must be leaking these pictures on purpose because there are a massive number of on-set photos appearing each week. So far we’ve seen Deadshot and Harley looking their finest to flat out mega spoilers of a certain little bat making a sneaky appearance in the background.

SUICIDE-SQUAD-Photo-Set-02 281C70C500000578-3060106-image-a-33_1430274562053Suicide-Squad-1-600x724 margot-robbie_2015-05-09_on-the-set-of-suicide-squad-in-toronto_44  images tgCTINx suicide-squad ben-affleck-jpg

This plethora of leaked images is either a result of our insatiable appetite for more, or a clever way to keep us geeks in a constant state of frenzy.

Either way, I WANT MORE!!!

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