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4 Great Superhero Cosplays (and how to make your own!)

4 Great Superhero Cosplays (and how to make your own!)

Anyone who has gone to a comic convention will tell you that it’s a heady and unforgettable experience. Half the fun is seeing your favorite actors in the panels and the other half is seeing the cosplayers. If last year’s epic comic conventions have proven one thing – it’s that cosplay is alive and well! From Asia to Europe to the United States, cosplayers are going above and beyond in creating impressive costumes. And while the amount of characters to choose from is staggering, dressing up as superheroes is still very popular.

A favorite among cosplayers last year were Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman, Iron Man and the Avengers. Surprisingly, some of these costumes are easy to do (and affordable).

Here are some ideas on how to make these costumes.

Black Widow


Marvel’s Black Widow was very popular among female cosplayers last year and it’s easy to understand why. Beautiful and deadly, Natasha Romanov was able to hold her own against the other Avengers. You can buy a complete Black Widow costume online but if you’re working with a budget, you can just use your creativity and work with what you already have.

Creating a Black Widow costume is relatively easy. You would need a black body suit, black boots, wooden disks, skinny belt (preferably black), black paint, toy guns and a red wig. You can buy a nice bodysuit online but if budget’s tight, a black, long sleeved shirt paired with black leggings would do nicely too. Use your old boots and just borrow or rent a red wig (or buy online if you’re more comfortable with that). For the accessories, you can buy cheap toy guns and bullet bracelets from the toy store. Spray gold paint on the bullets to make the colors pop. For the Black Widow’s belt, paint the wooden disks black with gold trims and glue them on your skinny belt. Put the outfit together and voila, you’re ready to kick ass!

All the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy were out in full force during last year’s San Diego Comic-Com. It’s so much fun to dress up as one of these iconic, badass but lovable Guardian. Some cosplayers just used their wits and ordinary objects to turn themselves into Star Lord and his friends.



Look for an old pair of black pants or leggings, a black tank and a black vest to use as Gamora’s main costume. Get some shiny duct tape and wrap it around your wrists and you’re done with the accessories part. A wig is one easy way to get Gamora’s signature locks but you can also just curl the ends of your long hair and spritz on some colored hairspray. The makeup is a bit tricky and you might need to spend some money on green body paint. But if you do have some green eye makeup lying around, crush them, mix with foundation and you have a green paste that you can slather on.



Baby Groot costumes were very popular among kid cosplayers last year, all it takes is some brown paper and cardboard to simulate a pot for the legs. A brown bodysuit and brown body paint can also be used to make Groot’s body and face.


The adult Groot is admittedly trickier to make and would entail some time, money and effort. Some have posted tutorials on how they made their costumes and two of the best ones I saw used a hoodie, chicken wire, insulation foam, paper, glue, brown spray paints and foam. Twigs, wood and moss were also used for a more realistic effect (and it’ll save money too!) You can use chicken wire as a base for the head and then do some paper mache magic. It might be time consuming but it will be so worth it when you see the look on people’s face when they realize you are Groot!

Star Lord


Like Groot, some effort is needed to become Star Lord. If you have a black utility or cargo pants and a grey/blue long sleeve shirt lying around then you already have the basics covered. Add some brown boots, brown leather belt and leather gloves and you’re almost there. You can probably borrow some gun holsters or buy some cheap ones. Details like old style headphones and a cassette player will make things more realistic. Luckily, there’s an iPhone case that looks just like the Sony Walkman Star Lord uses and it comes complete with an Awesome Mix Vol.1 too. Securing a red leather jacket might be tricky but it can be done. The same goes for Star Lord’s mask which can be made with cardboard, newspaper, glue and masking tape. Look for instructions online or on YouTube.

While there are admittedly cosplayers who can afford to spend a lot of time and money on their costumes, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing too. Most of the time, all you need is a bit of creativity, some research and a little bit of confidence to pull things off. One of my friends went to a comic convention as Superman. He just wore a regular office suit with the top part half open and a Superman shirt underneath to give off the impression that Clark Kent is on his way to save the day. One couple just bought some dark lipstick, eyeliner and a fake moustache and came as Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Don’t forget that cosplays are supposed to be fun! It’s a community of like-minded people who just want to celebrate their favorite characters. 

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